Reliable Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana - RCB

Reliable Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana - RCB

Do you want to know the best rehabilitation centre in Haryana? Get in touch with New Change Life Foundation, the leading rehab centre operating in Haryana. With the facilities and amenities, we help you get out of addiction with the best support and care.

Our centres are well equipped and have the best facilities and team members. Yes, we understand that getting out of addiction is not easy but with proper care and support to get out of it. 

What is addiction and what are the different types of addiction?

Addiction is a disorder in which you have a persistent urge to use drugs, alcohol or any other addictive substance in spite of knowing its adverse effect on your health. Addiction in simple terms is a neuropsychological disorder in which you are forced to repeat a particular behaviour like smoking, playing video games etc.

It impacts your mind and health and you start craving that particular behaviour. You are unable to control yourself in spite of knowing the fact that it can have great harm to your health and life.

There are majorly two different types of addiction:

Physical addiction

Physical addiction is a type of addiction in which you are addicted to a particular substance that is generally ingested inside your body. It includes alcohol, tobacco, opioids, cocaine, PCP, and inhalants and the list is long.

Behavioural addiction

Behavioural addiction is a type of addiction in which one loses control of their actions. They are forced to repeat a particular or certain behaviour.

Prominent support and 24-hour facilities at our Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana

Our Rehabilitation centre in Haryana offers you 24 hours care and support. Our helpline numbers are operating 24 hours so you can get in touch with our team at any out of the day.  Our team members are highly experienced and trained and have enough knowledge about how to deal with emergency situations. Our team members comprise doctors nurses, psychologist therapist and counsellors.

The patients stay here under 24 hours observation and our team responds quite quickly. We have proper Indore and outdoor seating for the patients and we make sure you get the right treatment under proper medication.

Why is our rehabilitation centre in Haryana the best place to start the treatment?

Our rehabilitation centre in Haryana guarantees you great success results. We have a 98% success recovery ratio and we have helped many patients in starting a new life.


We take care of everything from home-like comfort to nutritious vegetables. Our nutritionist prepares a diet chart according to the needs and requirements of the individual. Every we have check-ups to know the status of the patient and their recovery process.

It is so painful to suffer from addiction and it is even more painful to get out of it. The medication process is quite helpful and impactful.

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