Reliable Rehabilitation Centre in Una - RCB

Reliable Rehabilitation Centre in Una - RCB

Alcoholism is the stage at which a person can no longer lead a normal life and falls into the trap of drinking and drug use. Regular and overdose of alcohol makes individuals always dependent on keeping their mind subconscious. Unfortunately, alcoholism is increasing day by day in our society, and not just one person, but the entire family is experiencing trauma. Living a normal life can be very difficult for an addict.  Excessive alcohol not only destroys a person's thinking ability, but also makes him abusive and aggressive towards his family.


Symptoms of addiction that you need to check before going rehabilitation centre in UNA

  • Can’t limit the amount of alcohol you drink
  • I don’t want to drink
  • Spend a lot of time drinking, drinking, or recovering from drinking
  • Feel a strong thirst and the urge to drink
  • If there is repeated use of alcohol fails to meet important obligations at work, school, or at home 
  • Continue to drink alcohol even if it is known to cause physical, social, work, or relationship problems
  • Give up or reduce social and work activities and hobbies to consume alcohol
  • Drinking alcohol in unsafe situations  such as  driving or swimming
  • Develop tolerance to alcohol so that you need more to feel the effect, or you have a reduced effect from the same amount
  • Withdrawal symptoms (nausea, sweating, tremors, etc.) when not drinking or drinking to avoid these symptoms


Why choose a rehabilitation centre in UNA?

  • The Best Rehabilitation Treatment Centers
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Team with the most experience and qualifications
  • Counselors of the highest caliber
  • You should feel at ease Services
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

Highest Rate of Recovery

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