Government Approved Rehabilitation Centre in Poonch for Drug & Alcohol

Government Approved Rehabilitation Centre in Poonch for Drug & Alcohol

Our centre is the most renowned and well-known rehabilitation centre in Poonch. We help society by providing better drug rehabilitation services at our treatment center in order to make it completely drug-free. Today, drug addiction has become a plague that is wreaking havoc on our society. Similarly, our Poonch rehabilitation centre is well-equipped with fantastic and exceptional amenities to ensure development while providing maximum satisfaction.

Our specialized group of specialists has vast experience managing critical cases. The centre is working tirelessly to eradicate the scourge of drug addiction. Thousands of patients have decided to return to normalcy as a result of our Poonch rehabilitation centre. If you really are searching for the best and most reputable De-Addiction Centre in Poonch, close your eyes and click us.

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Poonch Gives High-Class Services

At our Poonch Rehabilitation Centre, we have a marvelous and outstanding infrastructure to make drug druggies easier and more comfortable during the treatment process. It is challenging for drug addicts to quit their habit all at once at first. WIt takes time and some medical precautions to decrease the number of drugs they are taking. Our physician will treat you with the finest medicines that will not harm your body. Similarly, our multi-step treatment plan has the potential to heal you right away.

We have professional dieticians to focus on the diets served to patients at our Rehabilitation Centre in Poonch. They create a personal diet chart for each patient after examining their physical condition. We offer patients a well-balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients.

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